About me and my work

My carrier started in 1965 as a ceramic artist. But 1988, I received an invitation from the famous glass factory in Leerdam to design objects in glass. Since then, I have concentrated increasingly on glass and, in particular, on combinations of glass and ceramic.

My inspiration comes mostly from nature. I'm always very impressed by the grandiosity of nature: by everything that is happening and by the feelings it evokes. Also the manifestation of the powers of nature which we see such as hurricanes, sandstorms, landslides and others, fascinate me enormously.

During my travels to Africa, Japan, Siberia and Norway among others, I also have been inspired by the people there and their cultures. This brings yet another kind of influence to my work.

On my web-site, you can see a selection of my work. This gives an impression, but is subject to the limitations of the Internet. Real sculptures are sculptures precisely because they are three-dimensional. It is only possible to really experience such an object if you can walk around it and see it from all angles.

Mieke Pontier
Glass and ceramic artist


2014 's-Hertogenbosch, Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum, monumental sculpture
1998 - 1999 Amsterdam, courses in the art of glass blowing
1987 Groningen, Academy of Arts 'Minerva'; course 'Art on order'
1987 Heusden, Keramisch Werkcentrum; workshop
1978 - 1979 Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academy; porcelain and glaze theory
1965 - 1968 The Hague, Academy of Arts 'Psychopolis'
1963 - 1965 The Hague, Royal School of Arts